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This tale has it all: a heartbreaking story, troubled characters, and a sweet ultimate
Set in transient 1970s Las Vegas, OVERLAY is the fighting-to-come-of-age story of a resilient child born into a cycle of alcoholism and abandonment. The author develops a powerful sense of self-preservation in contrast to the fallen adults entrusted with her care. Her profound story explores the characters and events populating her life as she moves from home to home, parent to parent, family to family, ultimately becoming homeless at the age of fourteen. 
redemption, rendering OVERLAY a memoir of all time. 

*2013 Winner of a Next Generation Indie Book Award*

The author seems to satisfy her longing for a permanent family when her marriage to a handsome entrepreneur produces four children in quick succession. But a college decree, home ownership, and a marriage license aren't enough to outrun her troubled early beginning. Rejecting the alcoholism that claimed both her mother and her father, she sinks into a troubling depression instead. 

ANGELES is about realigning the stars by fighting genetics; becoming a mother; and moving from victimhood to womanhood. The author unflinchingly begets a self from the unlikeliest of beginnings, and now delivers a sequel illustrating both heaven and hell on her continuing flight for self discovery.

Readers will find AS ALL HELL an urgent enlightenment for adult children of alcoholics everywhere.

In bold fashion featuring her standard heartbreaking honesty, the author records the trials and surprises she faced when struggling with the double whammy of single parenthood and resultant clinical depression.

The author's dark prose creates a lasting impact on readers driven to understand the indelible effects of an unfortunate childhood upon adulthood. 

Marlayna bravely opens the door to strange new worlds when she throws her life to the wind and carelessly sets out on a journey across thirteen countries. 

This is not a politically-correct, polished story with a neat and perfect ending. Fans of Marlayna Glynn will recognize her painful self-scrutiny as she explores competing urges for self-acceptance and secure happiness amidst the backdrop of countries and people not her own.

In exploring the darker layers of middle-aged femininity, Marlayna shares vignettes from the first six months of her journey. Readers will ultimately find hope in this memoir that teaches the wisdom and responsibility of creating your own miracles.

Fans of Marlayna Glynn's memoirs know her father was a tortured, unrepentant alcoholic in life. Wondering at the possibility of his redemption after death, the author extends a sensitive and beautifully written invitation for readers to accompany them across Central America and the Caribbean as a daughter spreads her father's ashes. 

In her effort to conquer the generational effects of alcoholism, Marlayna takes her teenaged son and daughter along on a tender six month journey to introduce her father to the world he did not see. The author strives to understand the man she did not know in life, as well as break through the barriers her youngest son has erected. 

What happens to those who are left behind when a friend, family member or loved one unexpectedly takes their life? 
How do these survivors navigate the grieving process? 
How do they recover from such a profound trauma? 

Award winning memoirist Marlayna Glynn presents these true survivor stories to invite you to understand the many implications of how survivors are affected when a friend, family member or loved one takes their life. 

These are their stories.

Avis knew one thing… 

She wanted to be a good mother. At least a better mother than her own had been. Could she be the exception in her family? 
She traded Romoland for Modesto, married young, and started a family. Checking the boxes didn't a happy marriage make. Before her children were a few years old, she already knew she'd made a mistake. 
There was something about men. And the city. And glitz. And glamor. She knew she had to get away. Hollywood. Vegas. Cocktails. Movie stars... 
Surely being a two-time beauty contest winner would pave the way to happiness. 
Wasn't this what the 1950s preached? 
But something didn't add up. The 1950s didn't deliver. 
You’ll love this tragedy with a twist, because everyone loves a broken woman trying to do what’s right. 

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