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Marlayna Glynn Brown Live

Events & Workshops

Speaker at Life In The City
The Long Center
Austin, Texas

Marlayna addresses the Life In The City congregation and discussed the importance of hope and love. 

Can I get a witness?

On the steps of the State Capital, Austin, Texas

Marlayna was honored to address the family members, friends, and colleagues walking 3–5 miles to prevent suicide, raise awareness, and end the stigma that surrounds depression and other mental disorders.

Reading from The Scattering Of All


Many of us have been touched by the suicide of a loved one,
family member, friend or neighbor, leaving us shocked and devastated.


Marlayna Glynn Brown and Liz Tucker presented a reading and discussion from The Scattering of All: Tales from Extraordinary Survivors of Suicide Loss. Marlayna contributed to and compiled this moving collection of essays penned by 25 survivors of suicide loss.


Liz is a primary contributor to the book and read from her essay, as well as discussed how she navigated the suicides of her mother, aunt, ex-husband and several friends. 

North Austin, Texas

Marlayna spoke on changing careers mid-life, creating the career of your dreams and the importance of failure.

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